L’Epervier Press

Sage Hill Press is the proud distributor of L’Epervier Press, a small press active from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. May old books never go out of print. Featuring early works from Linda Bierds, Michael Burkard, Albert Goldbarth, Paul Hoover, Christopher Howell, Walt McDonald, Jack Myers and many others.


All titles $10


Complete backlist:

Floyce Alexander: Red Deer

Linda Bierds: Off the Aleutian Chain (chapbook)

Michael Burkard: In a White Light

Mary Burritt: The Solera Poems

James Crenner: My Hat Flies On

Richard Duquet: Actively Seeking Nutrition

Albert Goldbarth: Who Gathered and Whispered Behind Me

Lorrie Goldensohn: The Tether

Robert Herz:     White Smoke; Stream

Paul Hoover: Nervous Songs

Christopher Howell:      Why Shouldn’t I; Sea Change; Though Silence

Paul Jenkins: Forget the Sky

David Lenson: Ride the Shadow

Robert Lietz: Running in Place; At Park & East Division

The Lindbergh Half-Century

David Lyon: The Sound of Horns

Carolyn Maisel: Witnessing

Walter McDonald: Anything, Anything

Robert Morgan: Trunk & Thicket

Jack Myers: I’m Amazed That You’re Still Singing; The Family War

Bill Nelson: Implementing Standards of Good Behavior

Paul Nelson: Average Nights

Michael Patrick O’Connor: Pandary

Linda Orr: A Certain X

Sam Pereira: Marriage of the Portugese

Bruce Renner:    The Language of Light Ambits; Wakefulness; Song Made Out of a Pale Smoke

David Rigsbee: The Hopper Light

Barry Seiler: The Retaining Wall

Pamela Stewart: The St. Vlas Elegies; Cascades

Lynn Strongin: Nightmare of Mouse; Countrywoman/Surgeon

Frederic Will: The Sliced Dog

Entering the Open Hole

Sheila Zamora: The Leaf’s Boundary


5 thoughts on “L’Epervier Press

  1. Barry Seiler says:

    I stumbled on your L’Epervier site and was surprised to see my book Retaining Wall for sale. How kind of you! I hope those old bones don’t turn to dust in the light.
    Barry Seiler

  2. Don Thompson says:

    Poking around your website (preparatory to sending you a ms) I came upon a title from L’Eperier–“Pandary” by Michael Patrick O’Connor. I was in grad school with this guy long, long ago and always wondered what became of him. How can I get a copy?

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