Railtown Almanac: a Spokane poetry anthology

Railtown Almanac is an anthology of poems by Spokane residents and/or poems about Spokane (poems need not be explicitly about Spokane, if written by Spokane residents). The anthology will celebrate the wide diversity of talented poets in the greater Spokane area, and we welcome submissions of any kind of poem.

We will accept submissions until August 1, and will publish the anthology to coincide with Verbatim, a literary and visual art collaboration on October 4, part of Create Spokane.

Please submit no more than five poems, using our online form, hosted by Submittable, which can be found here, or by clicking on “submit” from our homepage.

Previously published poems are acceptable, as long as the poet gets permission from the original publisher for reprinting (or if those rights have reverted back to the poet). Please let us know if the poems have been published, and where, in your cover letter.

Railtown Almanac is edited by Thom Caraway and Jeffrey G. Dodd, and will be published by Sage Hill Press.

Railtown Almanac: a Spokane poetry anthology

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