Winner of the Powder Horn Prize

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Kill Feb announcement

Powder Horn Prize finalists

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Finalists announcement

Railtown Almanac

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Railtown is complete! It will go to the printer on Monday, and we’ll have it in hand soon after. Our first public launch event will be Saturday, November 1 at Auntie’s bookstore, and readings throughout the end of the year at the Downtown Library, Spokane County Library locations, and the Book Parlor.

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Railtown Almanac: a Spokane poetry anthology

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Railtown Almanac is an anthology of poems by Spokane residents and/or poems about Spokane (poems need not be explicitly about Spokane, if written by Spokane residents). The anthology will celebrate the wide diversity of talented poets in the greater Spokane area, and we welcome submissions of any kind of poem.

We will accept submissions until August 1, and will publish the anthology to coincide with Verbatim, a literary and visual art collaboration on October 4, part of Create Spokane.

Please submit no more than five poems, using our online form, hosted by Submittable, which can be found here, or by clicking on “submit” from our homepage.

Previously published poems are acceptable, as long as the poet gets permission from the original publisher for reprinting (or if those rights have reverted back to the poet). Please let us know if the poems have been published, and where, in your cover letter.

Railtown Almanac is edited by Thom Caraway and Jeffrey G. Dodd, and will be published by Sage Hill Press.

Reading for the Powder Horn Prize

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Powder Horn III will be judged by Kevin Goodan, author of Upper Level Disturbances (Center for Literary Publishing, 2012), Winter Tenor (Alice James, 2009), and In the Ghost-House Acquainted (Alice James, 2004). He teaches at Lewis & Clark College in Lewiston, Idaho.

To submit your manuscript, please use our online submissions manager. Click here for access.

The Powder Horn Prize is a first book award for poetry. Manuscripts should be 48+ pages in length. The author should not have previously published a full-length collection, though she may have published chapbooks.

The reading fee is $25. Entry deadline is June 1, 2014.

For questions, email

First-book prize reading

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Powder Horn 3 halfsheet

Released: The Eyes the Window

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front cover halfpageSage Hill Press is delighted to release the debut collection of Marci Rae Johnson, our Powder Horn Prize winner.

Contest final judge Christopher Howell says. “This book is about time, time as measured, experienced, prefigured, remembered, projected, thought of, not thought of; time as it inhabits language, dreams, visions, desire; how it relates to physical movement both in and of the world; how it is framed.  All of this is conducted through the window of a real or imagined “On the Road” experience during which two people, lovers, try to see themselves and each other, in spite of the persistent change brought on by shifts in both temporal and spatial context, and the expansion and contraction of the frame.”

And from Alan Michael Parker, “Reflective and refractive, the poems in this shimmering collection offer us the promise of indeterminacy as solace, in a world where the Unknown and the Possible are one and the same. In Johnson’s unerring poems, what we don’t know seems a version of what we might wish—“maybe this is where / we see something beautiful,” she writes. Traveler, trust these fine poems, and this fine poet: profound comforts lie here, in the arms of language.”


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